Pata Play Exhibition @ Studio Experimental Game Cultures

24.01.24, 18:00 – Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1. OG

´pata play is like ´pataphysics the science of imaginary solutions. In a time of constant change and craziness we experiment with ´pata as discipline, play as method and art.


Digital Agency & Unease. On Ludic Methods as Coping Practices in Interaction

by Hiloko Kato

13.12.23, 17:00

at EGC Studio

Digital Agency, inherent in both human and non-human participants interacting in digital realms or through digital technologies, can be hailed as the new and transformed ways of executable power. Digital games, especially, offer an insightful playground, where all kinds of agencies can be experienced: How is it to be a superhero, how is it to be an animal, how is it to be in VR – and what are my powers, what am I able to do?


XenoLudic Talk by Tamás Páll

On the 6th of December Tamás Páll will present the research project called “NEST” for the students and faculty of the Experimental Game Cultures program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Starting at 17:00.


ARG – Collaborative Game Mechanics by Thorsten S. Wiedemann (Artistic director of A MAZE.)

This seminar is about the magic and the artistic potential of Alternate Reality Games. There is no rulebook for ARGs and no limits. Creating a metaworld by weaving experimental narratives and collaborative game mechanics into multiple online platforms 


Semester Opening 2023

We extend a warm and heartly welcome to our (new) students!
It’s been an incredible start with so much energy, creativity, and endless possibilities, filled with experiments and plenty of “pata play“. 👾🕹️



Game cultures, art and games – a social experiment: “A Maze” is and has been a trend-setting festival, exhibition format and community building since the first wave of game arts: impulse-giving and open for the new, unfinished … in short – art!


Global Game Jam 2023

This year, our department, Experimental Game Cultures participated in the Global Game Jam for the second time. Over the course of 48 hours three teams formed and created playable games with the common theme of “roots”.

You can try out the games here.


Ludic Orchestra

For this year’s finals the class of Experimental Game Cultures organized an exhibition with live performances, games and a music jam.


Game Design Club

As a part of the core artistic subject, we had our first editions of the Game Design Club. In these sessions, the students create playable prototypes after an introductory talk about game design methodology, a discussion of different design mindsets and analysis of existing games.
This is a hands-on collaboration, we playtest each others projects and iterate on our ideas.


2nd semester FINALS – Hybrid Ludic Assemblage


Artistic play is the experimental testing and subjective experiencing of alternative possibilities. Play as a participative process can show us paths to positive change, and new forms of future society, politics and empathetic togetherness.