FWF Research Project Feature

Using experimental games, the Neuromatic Game Art research project playfully explores the possibilities and limits of technology at the interface of brain and computer. Read more about it in this article:


SPIKE Magazin – Portrait Margarete Jahrmann

“A pioneering experimental game artist, Margarete Jahrmann’s multimedia installations disclose the secret plots we un-consentingly act out and all the forms of play we didn’t imagine we’d enjoy. Her advocacy of “ludic activism” is an enticement to hijack tech from its profit drive and to interface with digitalization via critical pleasure.”

An interview with Mindy Seu.


A MAZE. Festival

The department of Experimental Game Cultures exhibited a booth at the 12th international games and playful media festival in Berlin, Germany (May 10.-23. 2023).


Eikon – Zeitschrift für Photographie u. Medienkunst

HYBRID LUDIC ASSEMBLAGES, Prototypes of Experimental Game Cultures


Keynote: Ludic Performances in Hybrid Assemblages

with Margarete Jahrmann @ International Online Symposium: Live Performance and Video games. Appropriations, Inspirations and Mutual Transfers 5, 6 and 7th of October 2022 – with speakers in the field of games, arts and game studies as Mary Flanagan, Britta Neitzel, Miguel Sicart, a.o.


Schaufenster @ Die Presse

“We need political game design” – interview with Margarete Jahrmann, September 2021.


Gameskultur an der Angewandten –  FM4 feature

Interview with department lead Margarete Jahrmann by Paul Pant: