Ludic Flow Symposium – 20.03.24

An afternoon of EXPERIMENTAL GAME CULTURES/ University of Applied Arts Vienna and International FLOW experts in play. Studio EGC, 1st floor, Georg Coch Platz, ehem. PSK. Including a sneak preview of the  virtual PLAY SAVINGS BANK (works of all EGC players).


Pata Play Exhibition @ Studio Experimental Game Cultures

24.01.24, 18:00 – Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1. OG

´pata play is like ´pataphysics the science of imaginary solutions. In a time of constant change and craziness we experiment with ´pata as discipline, play as method and art.


XenoLudic Talk by Tamás Páll

On the 6th of December Tamás Páll will present the research project called “NEST” for the students and faculty of the Experimental Game Cultures program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Starting at 17:00.