ELIA Future Arts: Playgrounds in Education session

In ‘play’ lies great power – the power to motivate, to irritate, to generate laughter and to transfer knowledge.

The past two years have not been fun. We have sat in front of screens for hours, tried to have genuine conversations as opposed to abrupt exchanges on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. However, as artists and thinkers this is time which has pushed many of us to come up with creative solutions which enable meaningful collaboration, learning interrogation and experimentation.

As part of ELIA Future Arts series we present ‘Playgrounds in Education’. Over two days, we invite you to experience the innovative, surprising and mischievous elements of play for yourself. We will delve into the application of gamification in teaching, toy with roleplay, and share the theories and philosophies behind high-end game design.

Let’s (re)play to learn, and (re)learn to play.

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