Keynote: Ludic Performances in Hybrid Assemblages

with Margarete Jahrmann @ International Online Symposium: Live Performance and Video games. Appropriations, Inspirations and Mutual Transfers 5, 6 and 7th of October 2022 – with speakers in the field of games, arts and game studies as Mary Flanagan, Britta Neitzel, Miguel Sicart, a.o.

Since the early 2000s, video games have become the economically dominant medium and their cultural importance has been growing ever since. It is, therefore, logical that an increasing number of creators of live performances are interested in video games. The influence of the latter can be viewed both thematically and formally with various intermedia configurations. The opposite phenomenon can also be observed: video games generally draw on pre-existing media and are sometimes inspired by live performance. To better understand new performances that are marked by video games, it would appear beneficial for theatrical research to draw upon game studies.

Conversely, video games are increasingly observed from the perspective of their performative dimension. Narrative strategies, immersion, interaction, identification, multimodality, characters and the relationship between physical and virtual worlds: the fields of investigation concerning the complex relationship between live performance and video games are numerous and compound.
This symposium will bring together specialists in the field and will provide an overview of research into this relationship.

Organized by Réjane Dreifuss (ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland) Simon Hagemann (CREM, Center for Research on MediaFon, University of Lorraine, France) Izabella Pluta (CET, Centre of theatre studies, University of Lausanne, Switzerland) In collabora4on with Théo Arnulf (University Paris 8, France)