LUDIC SOCIETY Soirée – Guangli Liu

“It was 1974, war had lasted for years…” So begins the memory of …” who´s memory, exactly? — this is the question at play. We are very happy to host and to discuss with the Cyberarts competition Prix Ars Electronica 2021 award winning artist Guangli Liu (CN).

For his take on remembering in a gamelike environment, created with the help of game engines, allowing to develop unwritten histories and non-colonial narrations.

Margarete Jahrmann, head Experimental Game Cultures and Rebecca Merlic, Univ.Ass., Experimental Game Cultures, both active artists in Ludic fields, will talk and play with the idea of a fictional world and possible history, generated in game engines… as political world-building action. This discourse will be nurtured in a screening of Guangli Liu´s “machinima” film about a Chinese who lived through the regime of the Khmer Rouge led by the Communist Party of Cambodia. The film compensates the missing images in a collective imagination of a lost history based on propaganda videos as a tender, personal history unfurls as a virtual reality of an imagined past.

Link to the event (24.11.2021)